Who are all these people?

Aileen & Pam  are the keepers of the knowledge (self-appointed). We realised that there was a need for a central register of all those family recipes that we have collected from various family members over the years. Pam suggested that, instead of writing out all the recipes, and passing them around to the various members of the family who asked for them, on scraps of paper like we have been doing until now, we should exploit modern technology and create our very own website (with help from some family experts) and allow all of the next generation access to the familiar family favourites.

Rhoda  or Grandma Rhoda (Rhoda Wenck) is our mother-in-law and the source of many recipes over the years. She is the only remaining member of her generation available for consultation about cooking & complains that people expect her to be able to answer all their cooking questions and solve all their cooking problems. Personally, I have yet to have a question that she hasn’t been able to answer, so I don’t know what she’s complaining about.

Rhoda has 4 children, Frank (Aileen’s ex), Allan (Pam’s husband), Ian and Glenda. She also has 12 grandchildren and, soon to be, 9 great-children.

Iris (Williams) is one of Rhoda’s older sisters (she had 4 sisters and 3 brothers for a total of 8 children in the Honeywell family).

Aileen’s Family Sources:

Doug (Howe) is the younger of her 2 brothers, who is one of the keepers of recipes from their mother’s collection. He is the source for Mum’s recipes that Aileen didn’t have.

Gram (Kae Howe)was her mother.

Grannie (Kath Priestner) was her grandmother (her mother’s mother).

Grandma Howe (Nellie) was her father’s mother.

Floss & Gladys were her father’s sisters and Lorna was his sister-in-law.

Great-Grandma Priestner (Hannah) was her great-grandmother (her mother’s  father’s mother).

Pam’s Family Sources:

Pam has 2 children both girls.

Shannon,s (Shazza,s) husband is David Sorohan (yes he took her name). They have no children but are happy to babysit for family members when needed. David is the main cook in their family but both are quite adventuress with recipes.

Holly (Hol),s Partner is Caine Kingsley. and they are getting married in July. The both cook turn about as they both work much the same hours. Holly is perhaps the most adventurous, but Caine likes to cook his grandmothers recipes including jams.

Grandma Lettie Witt was her mother. She was from a very old fishing family. The eldest girl in a family of 13 children. Because she was the eldest girl she learned to cook and do other housework very young. She had 6 children herself. Her family all respected her cooking ability, and she kept using many recipes that were traditional to the family.

Pam,s Brothers and Sister and their families in order.

Francis, Pam, Clifford,Lindsay (deceased) and Penelope (Penny) McKenzie.

All have different recipes they have made their own interpretation of. Both women and men cook evening meals fairly equally as all have working partners.

Pam,s Aunts from the Weisse family line.

Edna Parfitt, Merle O,Brien, Nancy Baratt, Coral Stubbs.

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