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Christmas Turkey


Source & History

  • This is Pam’s method and as she is the only person in her immediate family who eats turkey there is no one to contradict her.
  • Fancy none of them eating such a lovely and traditional food.

Rhoda’s Stuffing

Source & History

When I first tried roasting a chicken, I asked Rhoda for a recipe for stuffing and this is the one she gave me. I use it (or variations of it) whenever I want to stuff something.


  • I don’t always use the dried mixed herbs – I use fresh ones from the veranda, usually parsley, thyme, chives, etc [whatever is alive when I go out to cut]. Remember, you’ll need to use more if the herbs are fresh.
  • This is enough for a small chicken or a meat loaf – just add more if you need more stuffing.
  • I fancy this up by adding some chopped bacon (uncooked), and/or finely chopped celery and/or a finely chopped Grannie Smith apple (cored but unpeeled).
  • I have also stopped putting the butter in it.