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Jam Roll

Source & History

Rhoda makes her jam roll using her sponge cake recipe. the only difference is that she makes it in a sponge roll tin which is 30 x 24cm. The mixture that made 2 layers of sponge cake makes one sponge roll. Bake in the same way as the sponge cake. Instructions below explain how to roll the jam roll.

Rolling the Jam Roll

This needs to be done as quickly as ┬ápossible while the sponge is still hot (unless you are filling the sponge with cream – then it needs to cool, wrapped in the ta towel, after the first roll.

  1. Have your jam ready to be spread.
  2. Take the finished roll out of the oven
  3. Turn out onto a clean, thin tea towel. Roll from the shorter side – IMMEDIATELY, while the roll is still hot. The tea towel will be rolled inside the roll.
  4. Immediately, un-roll the sponge, remove the tea towel and quickly spread on the jam. Roll up the sponge again as quickly as you can.
  5. Let it cool and slice to serve.

jam roll