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Buderim Ginger Slice

250 grms Butter
1 Egg
1 cup Castor Suger
2 cups S R Flour
1 cup Milk
1 cup finely cut ( hot or naked ) crystalised Ginger
1 1/2 teas ground Ginger

- Rub butter into flour ground ginger & sugar until mixture is like breadcrumbs.
- press half into tray
- beat eggs into milk
- stir in crystalised ginger
- add to remainder of flour mixture
- mix well
- pour over base
- place mixture into tray 7 1/2 ins by 11 ins
- bake in moderate oven 180deg for 30 – 40 mins
- ice with lemon icing

Potato Salad

Source & History

Leah texted recently pointing out that there was no potato salad recipe on the website. So…This is potato salad the way my mother used to make it.


  • some people like to put chopped hard boiled eggs in potato salad. I don’t like them, so I don’t. Feel free to add them to this if you want to.
  • if you are feeling lazy, buy a bottle of potato salad dressing from the supermarket to use with this.
  • if you really want it to be like Gram’s – use Grannie’s Mayonnaise recipe like she used to do.
  • I would probably used more than one spring onion for this.
  • I sometimes cook the potatoes the day before and refrigerate them overnight.
  • Grams used to sprinkle the top with paprika “to give it a little colour” before serving.

Keen’s Curried Sausages

Source & History

I found this relatively recently in a free recipe book of Jamie’s recipes from Woolworth’s. It passed the Andrew test – meaning he liked it enough to request that I make it again, so I thought I might put it up here for the rest of you. It also means that I can find it again easily the next time I want to make it.


  • I used Granny Smith apples & sultanas instead of the raisins
  • I substituted chopped flat leaf parsley for the chopped coriander because I don’t like the taste of fresh coriander
  • I also used my new favourite technique for cooking this kind of dish. I put it all together, bring it to the boil, then put it in the oven instead of simmering on the top of the stove.

Puftaloons (Uncle Lindsay’s Recipe)



Source & History.

  • This recipe reminds my family of  Uncle Lindsay Witt who regularly made these when we came to call. Our kids loved these. 
  • His wife Laurene hated the mess he left behind. We remember him (and the kitchen) coated in flour.
  • There is a skill in pushing your knife into the center and inserting the butter and syrup.
  • We all have fond memories of syrup and butter running down our arms.

Pickled Beet-root

Source & History

This is a recipe from Rhoda’s sister Dorothy (known as Dot or Dom). Rhoda says that she asked Dom for this recipe because it is a particularly nice one and if she had beetroot to cook, she would use it. However, since she got the recipe she hasn’t had any beetroot so she hasn’t made it (yet).

In case you’re in North America and wondering, there is a difference in terminology when it comes to the vegetable called beets. In Australia this vegetable is always referred to as beet-root.



Rhoda’s Pastry

Source & History

This is Rhoda’s basic pastry recipe. She uses it for the base of her famous Coconut Raspberry Slice.



Chinese Chews

Source & History

According to the recipe book, this is a recipe that Rhoda got from Barbara Condie. Barbara had a daughter at the same special school as Amy in Mackay and we knew her from there.


Passionfruit Custard Spread

  • url
  • This passion fruit filling together with plain lemon spread or curd are regularly used as a filling for tartlets or as a layer of in between filling under a meringue

The Source of the Knowledge

Here it is:

THE Recipe Book

No, it isn’t a photo of Rhoda – she wouldn’t let me. It’s her recipe book.

This the treasury of knowledge – Rhoda’s recipe book. Some of the recipes are handwritten on the pages, others are cut from magazines and newspapers and the rest handwritten are on various odd bits of paper.

Mum’s Best Ever Egg Nog (Pam’s)


Source & History

Shannon says that this is the best ever egg nog and had to be my first entry. She uses it for a celebratory drink for any occasion she can find an excuse for. I sometimes make up a batch of the base for a treat when I am going to visit her.


  • You can add more brandy if you want but as it doesn’t taste alcoholic you can get very tipsy very easily.
  • You usually use a punch bowl but you can easily use a jug or other large type of bowl.
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