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Fruit Balls – Delicious for Christmas



fruit balls









This recipe is from a friend I met in Moranbah.  Her daughter Lisa and my daughter Kate were best friends at primary school and we became friends as a result.  I don’t know where she got this recipe from, but it is absolutely delicious.  Thanks Sally.

Rhoda’s Chocolate Fudge

Source & History

This is the standard fudge recipe for the family – this branch anyway. As the title would suggest, it’s from Grandma Rhoda.


  • The timing is critical for this and make sure that you don’t start beating after you take it off the heat until the mixture in the pot has stopped bubbling.
  • I have never really understood how long to beat fudge which is why mine is sometimes less than perfect, I guess – there’s something about thickening & gloss which has never really made sense to me.
  • All I know is that if you don’t beat it long enough it will crystallise when you pour it into the pan (foams up like a volcano) – it’s still edible, as my kids will testify.
  • Just don’t beat it too long and let it start to harden in the saucepan because then you’ll be eating fudge out of the saucepan with a spoon!

Rum Balls

Source & History

I have made thousands of dozens of these in my time. The annual fundraiser at Amy’s school in Mackay (Kewarra) was the Rum Ball Drive which was held every year in November. Members of the P&C would go into the school each day for a week and spend every day making rum balls, & bagging them for sale. We all had jobs that we usually did and mine was rolling the mixture into balls. To this day, my rum balls are all the same size – though they might be a little larger than we would have been allowed to make for the drive. At the time, the exact recipe was a secret but one year I bought the ingredients, so I knew what went into them. When I decided to make some rum balls for home consumption a few Christmases ago, I searched for recipes on the net until I found this one. It’s the one that we used at Kewarra every year.


  • we keep our rum balls in the freezer and eat them frozen.
  • I usually double this recipe – if you want more, make extra batches because the mixture becomes too difficult to mix if you use more than double quantities
  • I use skim condensed milk – no one has been able to tell the difference in the 4 years I have been doing it.
  • I usually put in 4 tbsp rum (8 when it’s doubled).
  • Variations: you could use mixed fruit instead of sultanas if you wanted to. Leah puts a Malteaser in the centre of hers when she makes them.