Apricot & Prune Chicken

apricot chicken









When I was busy with young children, I was always looking for shortcuts for recipes and this is a recipe from my Mother in Law that I made a few changes to so it was faster to cook for the hungry horde.

Apricot & Prune Chicken

By Glenda Gallant Published: August 25, 2013

                    When I was busy with young children, I was always …



    1. Combine apricot nectar, water, soup mix, carrot, ham, onions, apricots and prunes in a large saucepan and cook until apricots are soft.
    2. Place chicken in a large casserole dish and pour apricot mixture over the top.
    3. Place in a moderate oven and cook for 30 to 40 minutes. Serve with rice.
    4. If you are in a hurry, microwave for 10 minutes and cook in oven for 10 minutes instead of the full time in the oven.
    5. If the family don't like prunes, just leave them out.

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