Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch sauce

sticky date pudding









A friend made this for us when our family visited their family in Brisbane.  It was so delicious I just had to beg her for the recipe.  This recipe can be made a day ahead which is great.

Apricot & Prune Chicken

apricot chicken









When I was busy with young children, I was always looking for shortcuts for recipes and this is a recipe from my Mother in Law that I made a few changes to so it was faster to cook for the hungry horde.

Cobb Loaf Dip with Bacon & Cheese


bacon and cheese cob loaf








This is another variation of the good old cobb loaf dip.  I am not sure where this one came from, but it’s just as yummy as the other cobb loaf dips

Cobb Loaf Dip with Spinach.


Spinach Cob Loaf









This is a recipe I have adapted from a recipe taken from the Moranbah State Pre School Family Recipe book published in 1992.

Nan’s Jam Drops

jam drops











This recipe is from the Moranbah State Pre School Family Recipe Book of 1992 when my son Ross was enrolled there.  The recipe is from a good friend of mine who used to baby sit my children when I did relief teaching.  The recipe was her Mothers Mothers recipe.  Its great because you can use the base recipe for jam drops, but you can also use it to make choc chip biscuits or any other biscuit you choose – add nuts, freckles – whatever.

Pumpkin Fruit cake

pumpkin fruit cake











This is one I got from Mum.  For some reason she has tried everyone elses Pumpkin fruitcake recipes but I think this one is still the best.

One Bowl Slice

one Bowl Slice










This is one of  Mums gems.  Very easy and very tasty.  She also calls this No Bowl slice.












This is my Mother in Laws recipe.  She was an excellent cook,  just like my Mum.

Chicken with Cheese

This is another recipe shared with me when I was involved with Nursing mothers in Moranbah.

Chicken Chow Mein

chicken chow mein


I first cooked this recipe when I lived in Savage River on the west Coast of Tasmania soon after I was married.  A friend I met there who was a bit older than me shared this recipe with me.

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