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Nan’s Jam Drops

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This recipe is from the Moranbah State Pre School Family Recipe Book of 1992 when my son Ross was enrolled there.  The recipe is from a good friend of mine who used to baby sit my children when I did relief teaching.  The recipe was her Mothers Mothers recipe.  Its great because you can use the base recipe for jam drops, but you can also use it to make choc chip biscuits or any other biscuit you choose – add nuts, freckles – whatever.

Three Fruit Marmalade

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Here we are again – the last one for now! This weekend has been a marathon. This is Great-Grandma Honeywell’s marmalade recipe. Made using lemon, orange & grapefruit.

3 fruit marmalade




  • if you’re not sure how to tell whether the marmalade has cooked long enough go to Guava Jelly to see a video on how to test whether your jam will set.
  • If you want instructions on sterilising jars go to Sterilising Jars (The Easy Way)

Sterilising Jars (The Easy Way)

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I found this in one of Doug’s recipes for pickles and thought it might be useful if anyone wanted to make jams or pickles or chutneys and needed sterile jars. Don’t forget to include the lids in this process.

So this is what you do:

  1. Wash the jars (and their lids) in hot soapy water. Rinse well & dry.
  2. Put the jars (and their lids) on a wooden cutting board, right side up, and put the board into an oven heated to 110°C and leave it in there for 15-20 minutes. Make sure that the jars do not touch each other or breakage will be a very real possibility.
  3. Turn off the oven and leave the jars in there until you need them.
  4. Remove the jars, keeping them on the wooden board and not touching each other, when it is time to fill them.


I had some problems with breakage using the original method described above (I have since modified it to make it better) – this is what the Women’s Weekly jam cookbook says:

  1. Put jars and lids through the hottest cycle of a dishwasher without detergent, OR
  2. Lie jars down in a boiler with lids, cover them with cold water and bring to the boil over a high heat and boil the jars for 20 minutes, OR
  3. Stand jars upright, without touching each other, on a wooden board on the lowest shelf in the oven, place the lids in too. Turn the oven to the lowest possible temperature, close the oven door and leave the jars to heat through for 30 minutes.

Next, remove jars and lids from the oven or dishwasher with a towel, or from the boiling water with tongs and rubber-gloved hands; water will evaporate from hot wet jars quite quickly. Stand jars upright and not touching each other on a wooden board, or bench covered with a tea towel. (I’m not sure if the bench or the jars should be covered with the tea towel. I think the bench because there was no comma).


I asked Grandma what she did and she said that she puts the jars and lids in the microwave with a jar without a lid and half-filled with water. She microwaves them on high for 3min. This might explain why she prefers jars with plastic lids!


After a number of failed attempts at making mustard pickles (a return visit to Grandma for an in-home demonstration is required), I have become better at the sterilising of jars part. I follow the instructions for sterilising the jars in the oven and sterilise the lids separately boiling them in a pot of water on the stove-top for 10 minutes.

Gram’s Heavenly Jam

Source & History

This is a jam recipe that Doug got from Mum. He says that it’s name is appropriate. He is also the one who reduced the quantities to a more manageable level. The original recipe called for 4 oranges, 2 lemons, a dozen each of pears, peaches and apples. The quantity it made must have been huge! I am giving you the reduced version here.


  • The fruit mixture made 8 cups and, as the requirement is to add 3/4 that amount in sugar, 6 cups of sugar were used.
  • Doug used MacIntosh apples which we can’t get in Australia so I am suggesting that the best alternative would be Pink Lady or Grannie Smith apples.
  • This made seven 250ml jars of jam. 
  • If you’re not sure how to sterilise jars, try this link Sterilising Jars (The Easy Way)


I tried making the jam and the attempt was pretty successful. Just a few more notes for clarification:

  • No you don’t peel the oranges & lemon.
  • I used Pink Lady apples and I think next time I will use Grannie Smiths – I would like the extra tartness from the Grannie Smith apple.
  • I measured how much fruit mixture I had before adding the sugar and then used the calculation (no. of cups of fruit x .75) to work out how much sugar to add.
  • The sterilising technique worked well, just be careful not to put the oven up higher than it says in the instructions – I did that and 4 of the 5 jars I had in the oven broke
  • I think I could have boiled it a little longer than I did because the first attempt didn’t set. However, I bought some Jamsetta (pectin) from the supermarket and reboiled the jam following the instructions on the packet and that did the trick.