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My husband Paul loves stewed Rhubarb, so I decided to adapt the traditional Apple crumble recipe to Rhubarb crumble.  He loves it and so does my son in law Adam.  Adam wonders why I hid the recipe from him for so long!!

Note from Aileen

My mother used to make a version of this and so do I. She used to trick us when we were kids & didn’t like the taste of rhubarb. Gram would stew some strawberries with the rhubarb, the rhubarb would take on the taste of the strawberries and we would happily eat the crumble!

Rhubarb Crumble

By Glenda Gallant Published: September 7, 2013

                          My husband Paul …



    1. Place rhubarb, 1 cup sugar, (apple if desired), and water in a saucepan and boil until mushy. Thicken with a little cornflour if needed. Put in an oven proof dish - not too big.
    2. Mix flour, rolled oats, brown sugar and coconut together. When combined, rub the butter through. The mixture should look like bread crumbs. You might need to add a little extra butter, but that's fine.
    3. Spoon the crumble mixture over the rhubarb and bake 25 to 30 mins on 180 degrees until crumble is golden.
    4. Serve with custard and/or ice cream.

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      One thought on “Rhubarb Crumble

      1. Todd says:

        Stewed Rhubarb makes a sauce that can be used for a dessert sauce to top ice cream, pudding or cake, as a side dish for any meal. It can also be used as an ingredient for a baking recipe to make a rhubarb loaf, a rhubarb smoothie, a milkshake or to make a yummy and healthy yogurt parfait!

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