Grannie’s Mayonnaise

Source & History

This is my grandmother’s mayonaisse recipe. Both she and my mother used to make it and the texture was completely different (taste was the same). Grannie’s was really smooth but Mum’s always turned out a little grainy. Mine is more like Grannie’s. I suspect the difference was in the amount of stirring.


  • I use 2 tsp dry mustard not tbsp.
  • I cook this in the microwave.
  • You could probably use the low-fat evaporated milk that is available these days if you wanted a lower fat version of this (I would be).
  • The main way that I use this is to make what I consider ‘real’ potato salad – just cooked potatoes, chopped celery& shallots and salt & pepper (and this mayonaisse, of course). It’s the way Mum used to make potato salad and doesn’t have any hard-boiled eggs in it, unlike most potato salads (I really don’t like hard-boiled eggs).

Grannie's Mayonaisse

By Aileen Sorohan Published: February 2, 2013

    Source & History This is my grandmother's mayonaisse recipe. Both she and my mother used to make it and the texture was …



    1. Combine dry ingredients.
    2. Combine milk and vinegar, add to dry ingredients.
    3. Beat eggs and add.
    4. Heat in double boiler, stirring, until thickened.
    5. Store in a jar in the fridge and this will keep for quite a while.

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