Grandma’s Peach Balls

Source & History

Grandma Rhoda has long been famous for her peach balls which appear in quantity as a part of the sweets at any event for which she cooks. The problem has been that, as much as we all love them, no one but Grandma knew exactly how to make them. In 2012, as a Christmas present for Ben, Leah decided to record, using both the written word and pictures (thanks, Fiona), Grandma’s method. So everyone can share the secrets of perfect peach balls, I have ‘borrowed’ Leah’s words and pictures. See below for a picture of what you are aiming to create.

22-all those peach balls

Notes (or in this case: Grandma says)

  • you’ll need a gem scone pan to make these, and a mixer, and some spray-on oil.
  • when you buy the cake mix make sure that you get don’t get butter cake mix – get vanilla cake mix (as illustrated).

3-cake mix


Important Update about Jelly

  • December 20 2013 - Woolworth’s has stopped selling the Homebrand raspberry jelly pictured in Step 15. Grandma now uses the Woolworth’s Select brand but she hasn’t been happy with the colour and therefore, has been adding Rose Pink food colouring to the jelly mixture to get a nice pink colour.

Grandma's Peach Balls

By Aileen Sorohan Published: March 11, 2013

    Source & History Grandma Rhoda has long been famous for her peach balls which appear in quantity as a part of the sweets at any …



    1. Make the cake mix, adding the ingredients as required in the instructions.
      4-mixing the cake
    2. Whisk the cake mixture on medium-high for 4-5 minutes.
      5- whisking the cake mixture
    3. Spray your pans with oil. Use a lot, seriously, a lot.
      6-spray oil
    4. Put about a dessert spoon of batter using a spoon and bread & butter knife for scraping the spoon.
      8-adjusting the amount
    5. The pans should be about half full.
      7-batter in pan
    6. Scrape the cake batter up the edges of the pan. Then they are ready to go into the oven.
      9-scraping the mixture up the pan
    7. Bake at 200ºC until they are golden brown.
      10-into the oven
    8. Scrape around the edges of the cakes with a knife before you tip them out to cool. While they are cooling, make the mock cream.
      11-out of the pan
    9. Add a good dessert spoon of powdered gelatin to a cup of boiling water. Put aside to dissolve.
      12-mock cream 1
    10. Put 250g of butter and 1 cup of white sugar in a mixing bowl.
      13-mock cream 2
    11. Beat using an electric mixer, once well combined, add the gelatin & water mixture. Continue beating.
      15-mock cream4
    12. Beat on high until the mixture has the consistency of cream. If there are still undissolved sugar crystals in the cream then you may need to add more water.
      14-mock cream3
    13. Use the mock cream to join pairs of cakes into a ball shape. You may need to trim the cakes first.
      16-putting the balls together
    14. When finished the cakes should look like the image below. Freeze the cakes.
      17-a together ball
    15. Make the jelly as instructed on the packet. Let it cool slightly.
      18-the jelly
    16. Spoon the jelly over the frozen cakes. Grandma does 2 at a time so she can let the excess jelly drip from one as she does the other. She uses a carving fork to hold each of them (see image). Make that you don't try to dip the frozen cakes into the hot jelly - Grandma says "I lose 'em that way". So use the spoon.
      19- balls in the jelly
    17. Toss the coated balls in coconut.
      20-toss in coconut
    18. DONE!

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      22 thoughts on “Grandma’s Peach Balls

      1. Desley West says:

        Thanks so much for your Grandma’s Peach Ball Recipe and instructions, especially the tip of using a vanilla cake mix. Your Grandma must live in Queensland, as that is the only place that I have seen these fabulous little cakes being served. I grew up in Queensland and they were always my favorite. I have managed to collect four vintage gem iron pans over the years, so with the recipe, I am going to attemp to make them. So far so good! Your Grandma is a legend, and so good you have put these wonderful recipes online for all to share.

        Many thanks,


      2. maria Graham says:

        Hello Aileen, I’m going to try your Grandma’s recipe for Peach Balls. Just wondering when I make the finished product can I freeze them or they won’t be the same. Also how far in advance can I make them as I’m making them for Christmas.

        • Aileen Sorohan says:

          Hi Maria
          All I can say is that Grandma always keeps peach balls in her freezer. In fact, there are members of the family who claim they are just as good to eat frozen as when they are thawed. So my advice would be to go for it!

      3. Daphne says:

        The hints that are in this recipe presentation are soooo good. My daughte has very fond memories of her Grandmother’s Peach Balls so I had to delve into the memory bank after we inherited Mum’s Gem Irons. Finding this recipe would have saved my grey matter so much.

      4. Vicki says:

        Hi Aileen, why do you scrap the batter mixture up the side of the gem irons? Vicki

      5. Liz says:

        Oh my Lord. I have gone onto the internet to find a peach ball recipe and can’t believe I’ve come across this…Rhoda lives 2km down the road from our place! She is the one person I thought of that would have the best recipe going for something like this, alas I now live three hours away. I still have the casserole pot she gave me for my 21st!

      6. Lynne says:

        Quick query ?
        Recipe states 1 tablespoon of gelatin

        Method says add 1 dessert spoon ?

        Which is correct please.

        Thank you

      7. mumma says:

        Yay. I’ve been looking for a recipe for the heavenly peach balls periodically over the last 7 years. So happy to have found such a well detailed recipe. My great grandmother use to make these in Queensland and ive never had the pleasure of having them anywhere but there. Thank you so much.

      8. lynne Russell says:

        Thank you Pam
        Just finished making the peach balls and they are now in freezer. Will attempt the jelly stage tomorrow !!!! (Scary pants). Must say that the cream filling is the best I have ever tasted. So light and creamy. I used a heaped dessert spoon gelatin like Grandma said. Cakes are for my ladies at Endeavor Bingo..their Sunday afternoon treat. Again thanks for the recipe. xx

      9. Kylie says:

        Can I say the Aunty Rhoda’s peachballs make my son’s day. He loves his Aunty and not just for her peachballs!

      10. Caroline says:

        Thank you SO MUCH for posting this recipe—I grew up eating peachballs in North Queensland and they’re one of my favorite things in the world, but it’s nearly impossible to find a recipe. I’ve sourced some gem pans and will attempt them this weekend!

      11. Susanne Olsen says:

        Hi Aileen…your post has brought back so many memories of years gone by and I’m trying to find where I can buy the “Irons” from…my Mum “Annie Arthur of North Queensland” had a set but my niece grabbed them but I would love to have my own set and I can remember making dozens and dozens of these in my and Mum’s younger days and your receipt is almost identical to Mum’s but Mum never used gelatin and fair dinkum you could easily devour quite a few before you knew it and The Bakery in Home Hill still makes these cakes and they taste just as good as Mum’s but I would love to know where to buy some Irons and if you could help or anyone else I would be greatly appreciative…Kind Regards Sue Olsen

      12. Jennifer says:

        A traditional Australian favourite with a uniquely jelly touch.

      13. Jenny says:

        To make chocolate lamingtons, sift the icing sugar and cocoa together and add enough water to make runny icing. Place this in a shallow dish. To make pink lamingtons, …

        • Darren says:

          I remember eating famous peach balls by a Rhoda near Geberga Buthurra near Mackay. Is this the same one?

          • Pam Sorohan says:

            It is indeed the same Rhoda.

            • Darren says:

              Well how about that, my dad Larry has done electrical work there for years. He used to take me on some jobs and Rhoda would always have some peach balls handy! I still would ask about them whenever we drove past. I made some this weekend myself for the first time and they turned out great!

      14. Michelle says:

        This is fabulous! I never comment on these things but I’m rather moved by the sharing of your Grandmother’s recipe. I feel really privilliged to be “in on” her signature family recipe. Thanks so much for shaing! Xo

      15. Dee says:

        Hi was just wondering where you purchased the trays from , having trouble finding anything and cannot wait to try . Thanks Dee

      16. Rachael Chapman says:

        Did you have an rough time for the baking? Also, the quantities make up 5 gem irons? Thanks so much for publishing.

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