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Tomato Soup

Source & History

This one has a slightly convoluted history – it was from my friend and colleague, Jill Barnes. It was her mother’s recipe (Dulcie Barnes). But there is a family connection, too. Jill is Caine’s great-aunt & Dulcie was his great-grandmother.


  • I have been known to substitute a tin of diced tomatoes for the 4 fresh ones.
  • You scald milk by heating it to just below boiling point (85ºC) while stirring to prevent a skin forming on the surface and to keep it from sticking to the bottom of the pan.
  • To thicken with flour: put the flour & a little water in a screw-top jar. Screw on the lid & shake. That makes the flour into a paste with few lumps in it. Pour the mixture in the soup while madly stirring to thicken the soup. I sometimes pour it through a little sieve to minimise the chances of lumps.
  • Sometimes the milk curdles when you add it to the tomatoes, the soup still tastes good though so don’t despair. The scalding of the milk (heating & stirring) is what is supposed to prevent this.