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Guava Jelly

Source & History

This is from Rhoda’s collection of recipes as well, so I assume is the one her mother used.


  • To check whether the jam has boiled long enough and is ready to set, perform the following test:



  • If the jam doesn’t set after you have boiled it according to the instructions, you may need to pour all the jelly back into the pot, add some pectin (called Jamsetta at the supermarket) and reboil it. You’ll also need to clean & re-sterilise your jars.
  • for how to sterilise your jars go to Sterlising Jars (The Easy Way)

Three Fruit Marmalade

Source & History

Here we are again – the last one for now! This weekend has been a marathon. This is Great-Grandma Honeywell’s marmalade recipe. Made using lemon, orange & grapefruit.

3 fruit marmalade




  • if you’re not sure how to tell whether the marmalade has cooked long enough go to Guava Jelly to see a video on how to test whether your jam will set.
  • If you want instructions on sterilising jars go to Sterilising Jars (The Easy Way)

Gram’s Heavenly Jam

Source & History

This is a jam recipe that Doug got from Mum. He says that it’s name is appropriate. He is also the one who reduced the quantities to a more manageable level. The original recipe called for 4 oranges, 2 lemons, a dozen each of pears, peaches and apples. The quantity it made must have been huge! I am giving you the reduced version here.


  • The fruit mixture made 8 cups and, as the requirement is to add 3/4 that amount in sugar, 6 cups of sugar were used.
  • Doug used MacIntosh apples which we can’t get in Australia so I am suggesting that the best alternative would be Pink Lady or Grannie Smith apples.
  • This made seven 250ml jars of jam. 
  • If you’re not sure how to sterilise jars, try this link Sterilising Jars (The Easy Way)


I tried making the jam and the attempt was pretty successful. Just a few more notes for clarification:

  • No you don’t peel the oranges & lemon.
  • I used Pink Lady apples and I think next time I will use Grannie Smiths – I would like the extra tartness from the Grannie Smith apple.
  • I measured how much fruit mixture I had before adding the sugar and then used the calculation (no. of cups of fruit x .75) to work out how much sugar to add.
  • The sterilising technique worked well, just be careful not to put the oven up higher than it says in the instructions – I did that and 4 of the 5 jars I had in the oven broke
  • I think I could have boiled it a little longer than I did because the first attempt didn’t set. However, I bought some Jamsetta (pectin) from the supermarket and reboiled the jam following the instructions on the packet and that did the trick.