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Pumpkin Fruit cake

pumpkin fruit cake











This is one I got from Mum.  For some reason she has tried everyone elses Pumpkin fruitcake recipes but I think this one is still the best.

Banana & Chocolate Loaf

Source & History

A lovely moist loaf cake with banana and chocolate. It takes 4 large overripe bananas. It can be made ahead of time and frozen.

lovely and overripe like this

Buderim date and ginger loaf

Rhoda’s Pastry Mushrooms

Source & History

I remember these from when I first met Rhoda. They were a fun little sweet. She says now that they were just a way to use up left-over pastry & mock cream when she was making tarts (and the kids liked them). Because it’s using up left-overs, it’s not exactly a recipe, more a method.


  1. Use leftover pastry to make pastry cases in a patty-cake tin. Also cut some pastry into short strips to use as stalks for the mushrooms. Put on baking tray. Bake in moderate oven until golden.
  2. When cool fill the bottom of each case with plum jam and top with mock cream.
  3. Sprinkle the mock cream with cinnamon and put the ‘stalks’ in the centre.
  4. Serve.

Spicy Honey Roll

Source & History

This is one of Uncle Allan’s favourites. The honey is the rising agent in this recipe – there is no other agent included. Grandma has been making this for twenty-odd years. The recipe originally came from one of Rhoda’s fellow bowlers.


  • Rhoda adds the honey to the egg mixture once it is nice and fluffy. 
  • there are instructions for rolling with the Jam Roll recipe.
  • the mock cream recipe is here.

Jam Roll

Source & History

Rhoda makes her jam roll using her sponge cake recipe. the only difference is that she makes it in a sponge roll tin which is 30 x 24cm. The mixture that made 2 layers of sponge cake makes one sponge roll. Bake in the same way as the sponge cake. Instructions below explain how to roll the jam roll.

Rolling the Jam Roll

This needs to be done as quickly as  possible while the sponge is still hot (unless you are filling the sponge with cream – then it needs to cool, wrapped in the ta towel, after the first roll.

  1. Have your jam ready to be spread.
  2. Take the finished roll out of the oven
  3. Turn out onto a clean, thin tea towel. Roll from the shorter side – IMMEDIATELY, while the roll is still hot. The tea towel will be rolled inside the roll.
  4. Immediately, un-roll the sponge, remove the tea towel and quickly spread on the jam. Roll up the sponge again as quickly as you can.
  5. Let it cool and slice to serve.

jam roll



Queen Cakes

Source & History

This is the recipe for cupcakes that Rhoda uses. It was her mother’s (Great-Grandma Honeywell) and came from the Australian Home Journal of December 1920 (although we don’t know whether she ever made them). It was one of the recipes in an article called Christmas Cooking. You can see the recipe below (my files are too big – must get Andrew to fix):

Here’s Rhoda’s hand-written version of the same thing (my files are too big – must get Andrew to fix):




Rhoda took these to bowls the other day and one of the ladies asked her for the recipe!


  • The original recipe doesn’t call for icing – just decoration with glace cherries or sultanas. 
  • Rhoda always uses both cherries & sultanas in the recipe (1/4 cup of each)
  • Rhoda ices these with a butter icing with a bit of lemon juice.



Un-named Fruitcake

 Coffee & Chocolate Fruitcake_NEW

Source & History

We found this when we were going through Rhoda’s treasury of recipes – as you can see, the recipe doesn’t have a name. I said the recipe looked interesting so Rhoda made it for us to taste. The recipe has no eggs and no butter so according to the boss, we can call this a healthy fruitcake (no eggs, no butter & no sugar). Of course it does have the fat & sugar from the chocolate.

Grandma’s Peach Balls

Source & History

Grandma Rhoda has long been famous for her peach balls which appear in quantity as a part of the sweets at any event for which she cooks. The problem has been that, as much as we all love them, no one but Grandma knew exactly how to make them. In 2012, as a Christmas present for Ben, Leah decided to record, using both the written word and pictures (thanks, Fiona), Grandma’s method. So everyone can share the secrets of perfect peach balls, I have ‘borrowed’ Leah’s words and pictures. See below for a picture of what you are aiming to create.

22-all those peach balls

Notes (or in this case: Grandma says)

  • you’ll need a gem scone pan to make these, and a mixer, and some spray-on oil.
  • when you buy the cake mix make sure that you get don’t get butter cake mix – get vanilla cake mix (as illustrated).

3-cake mix


Important Update about Jelly

  • December 20 2013 - Woolworth’s has stopped selling the Homebrand raspberry jelly pictured in Step 15. Grandma now uses the Woolworth’s Select brand but she hasn’t been happy with the colour and therefore, has been adding Rose Pink food colouring to the jelly mixture to get a nice pink colour.

Moist Carrot & Walnut Cake

Source & History

I put this recipe in the Kewarra cookbook but am not sure where I got it from. I think I might have gotten it from Rhoda – I did). There was a time when I made this fairly often.


  • Use Cream Cheese Frosting if you want to ice this.
  • I make this with white sugar but the original recipe calls for castor sugar and that’s what Rhoda uses.
  • instead of 1 cup plain flour, Rhoda uses 1/2 cup plain flour plus 1/2 cup self-raising flour.
  • we usually make this in an 8-inch ring tin (20cm)
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