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Date slice


Date slice








This is one of mums recipes. Mum gets recipes from many sources.  She is always willing to try a new recipe and is always just as keen to get your opinion on her “new” recipe.  This is one of those and I really liked it – but I do love dates!!

Fruit Slice



fruit slice












Whenever we went to a nursing mothers get together in Moranbah we would take something to contribute to either morning tea or lunch depending on the occasion.  I got some great recipes from these get togethers and hopefully other mums got some great recipes from me.  This is one of those recipes.

Nan’s Jam Drops

jam drops











This recipe is from the Moranbah State Pre School Family Recipe Book of 1992 when my son Ross was enrolled there.  The recipe is from a good friend of mine who used to baby sit my children when I did relief teaching.  The recipe was her Mothers Mothers recipe.  Its great because you can use the base recipe for jam drops, but you can also use it to make choc chip biscuits or any other biscuit you choose – add nuts, freckles – whatever.

One Bowl Slice

one Bowl Slice










This is one of  Mums gems.  Very easy and very tasty.  She also calls this No Bowl slice.

Orange Wholemeal Biscuits

Cornflake Biscuits

Source & History

Rhoda used to make these all the time – not so often now. Frank says that he hasn’t had them for years but he did used to eat them.

Rhoda’s Pastry Mushrooms

Source & History

I remember these from when I first met Rhoda. They were a fun little sweet. She says now that they were just a way to use up left-over pastry & mock cream when she was making tarts (and the kids liked them). Because it’s using up left-overs, it’s not exactly a recipe, more a method.


  1. Use leftover pastry to make pastry cases in a patty-cake tin. Also cut some pastry into short strips to use as stalks for the mushrooms. Put on baking tray. Bake in moderate oven until golden.
  2. When cool fill the bottom of each case with plum jam and top with mock cream.
  3. Sprinkle the mock cream with cinnamon and put the ‘stalks’ in the centre.
  4. Serve.


Source & History

This recipe was developed in Australia during WWI – these could survive being packed into tins and being shipped overseas to soldiers who were a very long way from home. They even arrived relatively fresh.

They are also a family favourite today. Everyone has had Rhoda’s Anzac biscuits. Rhoda says that she never ever just makes a single batch, she doubles or even triples this recipe. Remember the tins of Anzacs that she used to send home with her visitors?


  • Golden syrup is approximately the equivalent of corn syrup if you are in North America.
  • These burn relatively easily, so be careful.

Raspberry Slice

Source & History

When plastic containers of goodies arrived at our house from Grandma one of the first things that the kids looked  for (after the peach balls) was the Raspberry Slice. It was one of the first things that Leah put on her list of sweets for Grandma to make for her wedding. This recipe is a combination of two  from a very old MEB (Mackay Electricity Board) recipe Book. They were the old version of Ergon and they had cooking experts and you used to be able to go to cooking lessons and demonstrations at the MEB. It was where I learned to cook with my first ever microwave.


Lorna’s Ginger Cookies

Source & History

This recipe is from my Aunt Lorna and my mother used to make them when we were kids. I used to make them for Andrew because they were one of his favourites.


  • This recipe calls for light molasses which doesn’t really exist in Australia. I have found that golden syrup works just fine.
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